Besides lighting, what else can solar lights offer?

The world energy crisis is becoming more and more obvious, and the development and application of new energy sources have received more and more attention. In recent years, people have also made great breakthroughs in the field of solar lighting. The innovation of solar panels and battery technology has made the price more cost-effective. Many countries have begun to focus on promoting solar products.

If you only pay attention to the lighting itself, the advantages of solar lights are not enough to replace Electric lighting. However, we know that the value brought by solar lights is far more than the lighting itself. Compared with Electric lightings, it can bring more invisible value to users.

First, the cost effect. No need for E-power support, once installed, permanent use, no need to pay for electricity; no complicated wiring and other material support, saving materials and installation costs.


Second, the security effect. Low output voltage, no need to worry about the voltage damage to the human body, and there is no safety hazard caused by complicated wiring.

Again, it’s easy to use. Solar lights can be installed wherever there have sunlight, and it can be installed anywhere you need, roads, courtyards, squares, mountains, grasslands, etc.

Fourth, green and environmental protection. Solar energy is the greenest energy source, pollution-free and waste-free. It is one of the most popular types of energy in the world, and it will also be an energy development project supported by many countries.


Fifth, the landscape effect. Because it can be a versatile processing system without the support of other configurations, the solar light has greater independence and can make the luminaire itself more ornamental according to different places.

Sixth, long life-span. In the current market, the innovation of solar product technology not only brings about the improvement of performance, but also greatly increases the life of the product itself. For example, Biggestne has stricter control on batteries and solar panels, battery life of more than 12 years, and lamp life of more than 20 years, which was previously unimaginable.


Seventh, more intelligent. Because the solar luminaire itself is a completely self-sufficient energy supply system, it can be more customized, such as power display, remote control, human body sensing, time control and so on.

Eighth, the function extends. We can provide CCTV cameras for solar street lights, and now the battery power is sufficient for CCTV to be used permanently without worrying about insufficient power to work properly. In Biggestne’s products, From 36W to 150W can support the camera for long-term working. This makes the application of the camera more extensive, such as farms, mountains and other places are inconvenient to provide electricity.

SO, although the solar light can not completely replace the Electric lighting, but its added value determines its proportion in the future will be higher and higher.

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