Smart solar street lights will become the main force of smart city construction in the next few decades

The upsurge of intelligent city construction is gradually rising, and related industries are closely following the urban development trend. The construction of an intelligent city covers all aspects of urban management, including logistics, education, medical care, business, security, and so on. Smart cities are getting closer to our lives.


In intelligent cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology plays an important role. The IoT is becoming more and more mature, and at the same time, the application of IoT is becoming more and more extensive. Intelligent street lights, including sensors, smart lighting, video surveillance, wireless network, information release, and other practical functions.


IoT solar street light


Solar-powered intelligent street lights with data collection capabilities are eye-catching in urban management, improving municipal management efficiency. For example, the video monitoring function can observe road conditions in real-time and maintain traffic safety. Through the information release function, important information can be released in time, so that the rapid dissemination of information can achieve the best results. BIGGESTNE Solar is at the forefront of the industry in this regard. The new solar integrated smart street light designed through the integration of multiple functions is very eye-catching in the market and has been widely used and praised in many projects.

IoT solar street light

Advances in technology have improved people’s lives and also changed the face of cities. BIGGESTNE is a beautiful and versatile solar street light that not only saves traditional energy and is beneficial to environmental protection, but also has so many functions.

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