What have we done

Project & solutions support

Biggstne’s solar lights efficient performance and beautiful appearance design. Meanwhile, it has both performance, design and safety in all kinds of main components. Through product differentiation, it not only has a strong competitiveness in the retail market, but also has a great advantage in project bidding.On the project side, Biggestne can be a one-stop project solution, including extension products such as streetlight poles, cameras, individualized design of parameters and performance, and project-specific recommendations, etc.

One-stop solutions

Solar lamp supply

Biggestne streetlight production and design team began in 2004 with a mature system in product design and quality control to ensure a very high cost performance and fully comply with international standards.

Supporting products

Biggestne has a complete supporting system of street lamps.Different types of lamp posts can be provided according to different situations and needs, supporting cameras can be added according to the functions of street lamps, and diversified landscape elements can be added, etc

OEM& ODM service

Many customers in different projects need to make different technical changes to meet the local needs.For example, different color temperature, lumen, lighting mode, battery, appearance, etc. Years of engineering services have enabled our engineers to have more professional and personalized operation experience.

Solutions for project

We can solve problems on the technical side for customers.Biggestne provides the models, quantities, customization parameters, and service requirements required for each phase of the project, based on the actual situation.