SFL05 Series(with CCTV)

All in one design: Solar garden flood light with wireless home security camera system outdoor

General Details
This is our patented product, designed for providing our user’s integrated lighting and security services. We have passed multiple international certifications such as CE and UL.

The main advantages of our product include: “High-definition monitor”, “5G IOT”, “ultra-low power consumption”, “strong battery life”, “signal stability /no disconnection”, “outstanding luminous efficiency “.

The lamp body has an inner high-capacity lithium battery, which relies on the solar panel to absorb sunlight energy then convert it into electrical energy in the battery, which then is provided to the solar lamp and monitoring work. Wi-Fi connection is required for monitoring operation, then the operation can be viewed remotely in real-time, switch lights on&off, or playback through APP. Products are widely used in the home backyard, farms, orchards, etc.


solar security light with CCTV camera

Main Features

  • Low power consumption monitoring program
  • HD camera
  • Signal stability >
  • International APP platform
  • High lumens, brightness increased by 50%
  • P-MOS charging, charging efficiency increased by 20%
  • Smart power management system, automatic power distribution at night
  • Multifunctional and portable design for wider practical scenes
solar flood security light with IP HD CCTV CAMERA

solar flood security light with IP HD CCTV CAMERA


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